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  1. Mohair socks Helia
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  2. Sporty natural socks Breezer
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  3. Alles Mooi Tracker socks
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  4. Blanket Mohair
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  5. Mohair socks Ventus
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  6. Mohair socks Breezer Ankle
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  7. Therapeutic mohair socks Medi ++
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Alles mooi socks - a combination of Merino wool and Mohair

The Slovenian African association ALLES MOI has dedicated itself to products made from natural fibers - mohair, wool, bamboo, which are biodegradable, sustainable and skin-friendly. Each product (socks, blankets, technical pants) takes into account tradition and is a collection of knowledge, passion and experience. With selected natural materials, they support local communities in South Africa and are environmentally responsible.

Combination of Merino wool and Mohair. What are the great features of mohair socks? Mohair comes from the Angora goat, which gives us this wonderful "wool".

Until now, we have always talked about Merino wool, how it is the best thermoregulator, how durable, comfortable to wear... All this is still true. But we opened our eyes a little more and saw how wonderful the combination of Merino wool and mohair is.

They wrote somewhere: Wool is great but mohair is better. Yes it's true. Both together are the best!

And what are all these great features of mohair socks:

  1. the socks do not develop unpleasant odors (air the socks overnight, the next morning the socks are fresh and ready to wear)
  2. mohair socks are more durable because mohair fibers are one of the most durable natural fibers that stretch up to 30% and then return to their original shape without any problem
  3. socks are antibacterial because bacteria cannot "stick" to the smooth mohair fibers
  4. mohair socks keep your feet dry by wicking moisture away from your feet and drying quickly
  5. mohair, like wool, is the best natural thermoregulator - such socks will keep you warm in the cold and cool in the heat
  6. mohair fibers are smooth and therefore the socks are comfortable and prevent blisters
  7. special, smooth fibers ensure that the socks shrink only minimally during washing
  8. exceptional comfort and convenience in all seasons


Alles Mooi socks were developed by local experts. They are made in the Republic of South Africa. The angora goat that gives us this wonderful "wool" comes from JAR. The coat of the Angora goat is very soft, long and silky and known for its luster. Although the hair of angora goats has scales like normal wool fibers, these are only indicated and not fully developed. Because of this, it cannot be felted, but these fibers are therefore more durable, antibacterial, more stretchable, more insulating... It is the most durable animal fiber - it is flexible and not rigid, and can be bent and twisted without damage. At the same time, JAR is also a large producer of Merino wool. So two super raw materials in one place.


ALLES MOOI means all good in the language of South Africa.

For the team, all good means that they invest love, knowledge, passion, their heart, everything they can, into their work and products. They traveled a large part of the world, lived in different countries, experienced different living environments, different cultures... Each destination, each environment had its good and bad sides. They gathered all this together and made a new product from their experience and from the abundance of nature. Their products are produced with old traditions, knowledge, passion, experience, with the support of local communities. Natural and sustainable.

Alles Mooi / all good = heritage and future.

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