Packaging products in recycled packaging

Why do we pack your orders in recycled packaging?

Products – clothes, shoes, toys, food,… are usually wrapped in a mountain of plastic or other packaging to arrive safely from the manufacturer to the end user. Most of this packaging ends up in incinerators, in landfills, in nature, and a small amount is recycled again.

Regardless of the type of packaging and the final 'station' of waste packaging, it makes sense to consider alternative forms of packaging products. Especially at a time when, due to new shopping habits (online shopping), the amount of packaging has increased by leaps and bounds. As a result, the volume of transport routes and delivery vehicles has increased, which further increases traffic and the amount of exhaust gases.

Daily dealing with shipments and packages that we receive from our suppliers creates quite a bit of waste packaging. We are happy that at Yogaline this is almost 100% sustainable packaging - recycled cardboard that does not destroy trees and carries the standard FSC. Our suppliers or brands are sustainably oriented at all levels - from raw materials, materials, to employees in the textile industry, to the end user.

Products from our offer are rarely packed in plastic or they are only when this is not possible for safety reasons against damage to the product.

At Yogaline we think and act sustainably! Therefore, you will receive your order in a "used" cardboard box, in a reused envelope with "bubbles" or in eco wrapping paper.

Why throw completely usable and undamaged packaging in the trash, when we can reuse it and thus reduce the amount of waste, we do something good for nature and ultimately reduce the cost of packaging materials. The ordered products will be packed with the same care and safety and will reach you undamaged.

Sustainable packaging

We try to go one step further, towards a more advanced sustainable solution - e.g. RePack packaging model. The model offers recycled envelopes, of different dimensions, which, after receiving the order, you can simply put in the mailbox like a letter and return it to the sender. So these envelopes are used again and again.

At prAna They have successfully fulfilled their commitment to waste reduction for more than a decade and have achieved their goals every year. In 10 years they have reduced packaging by 20 million plastic bags! Their products are rolled and wrapped in raffia string according to a special system. There is not a single plastic bag in the 20 kg box of delivered products! From 2021, products requiring a 'bag' will use VELA paper bags as an alternative, which can be 100% recycled.

The same applies to product labels - they use recycled cardboard, which is attached to the product with cotton string instead of plastic.

Their effort to operate sustainably also encourages other companies and individuals to act in an alternative and responsible manner. They started the Responsible Packaging movement - The Responsible Packaging Movement (RPM). Together we are stronger. #ReshapePackaging

Similar 'stories' can also be found in our other brands - Reyoga , Manduka andLotuscrafts, Liforme, Yoga Design Lab pack all yoga mats and accessories in recycled and eco paper, except for mats that are more sensitive during transport (e.g. rubber mats). Also mat cleaning products - the cleaners are packaged in sustainable bottles.

Sustainable packaging

Free returns?

Consider whether you really need a product before you order it.

The appeal of online shopping with free delivery and free product returns has its advantages


  • easy 'clicking' through online stores, unlimited offer, established delivery routes

and cons:

  • unnecessary 'purchases', accumulation of products, burden on the environment - transport pollution and waste packaging.

Organized online shopping also helps with more responsible shopping - ordering several products at the same time and not just one little thing every day. If conditions permit, you can choose to pick up products ordered online in a physical store or pick-up location.

Yogaline precisely because of its sustainable operation and encouraging responsible shopping, does not offer the option of free returns (except in exceptional cases).

Gift wrapping and dedication

Will a yoga mat or bag be a gift? You can give the selected products to someone as a gift. For such occasions, we offer gift wrapping of the product, to which we can also attach your dedication or a personal message (discretion of content guaranteed).

When ordering a product in the online store, select the option of gift wrapping in the section and enter the dedication in the special box. Gift wrapping paper is in calm, earthy tones, with added decorative ribbons and cheeky accessories. You can enter special wishes in the comments.

How you too can act sustainably:

  • for everyday purchases in physical stores or markets - e.g. when buying fruit, vegetables etc. you use bags and packaging for multiple use;
  • when using food and drink products when on the road; e.g. instead of a 'to-go' cardboard pot, use your own 'to-go' coffee pot or instead of buying water in a bottle, fill your bottle for multiple use with drinks at home;
  • buy moderately and products that do not leave a high environmental footprint.

YogaLine gift wrapping

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