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All prices are in Euros and include value added tax where applicable. Prices are valid on the day of purchase i.e. moment of checkout on the webshop. Prices are valid for the given payment methods and under the supplied terms and conditions.

Should the price of an item change during processing of an order the customer will be notified. The seller will do their very best to attempt to provide the customer a lower price or offer a mutually acceptable solution.

Information About Past Orders

Information about past orders is kept in webshop database. Customers can browse their past orders through the webshop interface.

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The products on offer at are updated regularly and quickly.

Payment Methods

Ordered products can be paid for via Paypal or wire transfer directly to the Samana account.

You will need the following details for the bank transfer:

Bank name and address:
NKBM d.d
Ulica Vita Kraigherja 4
2000 Maribor

Our IBAN code: IBAN SI56 0400 1004 9001 673
VAT ID: SI 48059226
Company number: 6267424000

Company name and address:
Samana trgovina, zastopstvo d.o.o.
Britof 27
4000 Kranj,
Slovenia - EU

Contact Information

Samana trgovina, zastopstvo d.o.o.
Britof 27
4000 Kranj, Slovenia - EU 46.247352 14.361556

Tel.: +386 40 728 330, Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. 
Tel.: +386 4 20 14 878
E-mail: [email protected]

Company info:

Britof 27
4000 Kranj, Slovenia - EU

Tel.: +38640728330
pon. – pet. 8:00 – 15:00
E-mail: [email protected]


How to choose a yoga mat

There is a flood of various yoga mats on the market. Different materials, different dimensions, price ranges ... Each has its own purpose, for sure. Each style of yoga has its specifics. In order to choose the most appropriate yoga mat for you, we prepare you an informative guide on all yoga mats. Choose best Yoga mat, your yoga practice companion.

How to choose a yoga mat

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