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Bolsters for meditation, zafus and meditation cushions

Create your space with a collection of comfortable meditation cushions. The perfect addition to recovery exercise yoga or meditation, our collection of comfortable zafus and meditation cushions.

Whether you are looking for a variety of colorful meditation cushions, we stock an extensive collection of cushions in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours.

From smaller cushions like the zafus to larger meditation cushions including zabutons, pillows and more, each of our meditation cushions is designed to provide comfort and keep you in a relaxed state for longer.

A cushion for meditation and breathing exercises enables relaxed sitting. The meditation cushion can be used in the lotus, semi-lotus or kneeling position.

Some popular bolster brands for yoga and meditation

Meditation bench

Meditation bench supports the upright posture of the body in meditation and enables deep abdominal breathing. The bench helps to raise your hips so that your knees touch the floor and keep your spine aligned.

How to choose the right yoga bolster?

Bolster in yoga is used as a support in various asanas. Like other yoga accessories (blocks, blanket, straps, wheel...), the bolster helps us to relieve the parts of the body in an asana or when we go into a certain asana.

Bolsters are restorative yoga. They help to support the body, provide comfort, and with their help we achieve better blood circulation.

A guide for easier choosing a yoga bolster

A guide for easier choosing a yoga bolster

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