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Hammock net

A hammock is an indispensable piece of equipment for anyone who loves comfort and relaxation. Grand Trunk Hammocks are due to their durability, small volume folded net and low weight still an indispensable piece of equipment for travelers. You can sleep comfortably in them. Safe from insects on the floor. You can also buy a net against mosquitoes and other annoying critters.

The hammock can be used on the path, home terrace, garden. You can fasten it between trees, pillars, a car,...anywhere, as long as you have two strong enough anchors.

You can choose a hammock for two people or a hammock for one person.

Grand Trunk offers you a lifetime warranty on their products. Yes, they really are that durable! Their hammocks are made of light synthetic material, which dries extremely quickly and breathes perfectly. Even after a whole day of enjoying the hammock in the heat, you won't sweat. The fabric is soft and comfortable! So nice that it can also be used as a light blanket. Did you know that the TRUNKTECH ™ hammock line is waterproof and can also serve us as a roof, an emergency shelter in bad weather!

Grand Trunk Hammocks

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