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Cleaners for yoga mats

To maintain the hygiene and long-term quality of your yoga mat, it is necessary to properly clean the yoga mat. The cleaning regimen depends on the style of yoga and the level of intensity (e.g. hot yoga - more sweating), the material of the mat (rubber< /a>, cork, artificial materials) and frequency of cleaning. For easy cleaning after exercise, there are e.g. ecological cleaners based on essential oils, vinegar. For occasional deep cleaning, we recommend a 'bath' for the yoga mat with a more intensive, but non-aggressive cleanser. It is especially recommended for yoga mats that have open cells. After each use and cleaning, the yoga mat must be dried (wipe it with a cloth, leave it unfolded), but do not expose it to strong sources of heat (sun, heating devices).

Detailed tips for cleaning and refurbishing yoga mats

Two quite universal cleaners for yoga mats are: ReYoga Kit cleanser and Manduka Mat Wash (Lemongrass with a scent of lavender or ginger) a cleaner for yoga mats. Both are intended for all types of yoga mats.

Yoga cushions made of natural rubber, rubber

They need special care. Rubber is a natural material, a "living" material. External factors affect such yoga mats much more. Therefore, taking care of them is even more important. We recommend Manduka Cleaner for rubber yoga mats(Manduka Natural cleaner). With cleaners, we also ensure the flexibility of the rubber and good adhesion.

Yoga mats made of cork

They are very durable and require minimal care. Cork is a natural material and has an antibacterial and antimicrobial effect. In case of very frequent use, regular cleaning (once a week) is recommended. Clean the cushion with cold water and a gentle, non-aggressive detergent. The cleaner Reyoga cleanser is also suitable.

For yoga mats with open cells, which are mainly intended for high-intensity exercises with a lot sweating - e.g. hot yoga, Manduka Everyday cleanser is used.

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