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If you are attracted to yoga practice and you are just flirting with it, you must be wondering where and how to start.

We all were beginners and we know this beginner's insecurity, so we have prepared a short guide to the "yogic waters" that can be of help to you.

  1. Yoga bolster, cylindrical Ø 24 cm
    Price €54.95
  2. Yoga mat carrier Manduka Commuter
    Price €17.96 Regular Price €19.95
  3. Hot Yoga Towel from Yoga Design Lab
    Price €40.76 Regular Price €50.95
  4. Manduka welcOMe yoga mat 5mm 174cm
    Price €53.96 Regular Price €59.95
  5. Recycled Reblock yoga block
    Price €15.90

Read more about natural fiber clothing

Full range of women's clothing

Do you know merino wool? You know that this fiber is a natural thermoregulator. Warms in winter, cools in summer.

Clothes made of merino wool are the first choice of active individuals. Due to the pleasant feeling on the skin - no stinging or itching, it is also popular among more sensitive individuals. An additional advantage of such fibers is that they prevent unpleasant odors and bacteria.

The hemp fiber, which prAna uses in its unique fabric blends when designing clothes, has a similar property. We should also not leave out moher or Mohair, which is characterized by a soft touch, a beautiful and silky shine and high durability. It is obtained by shearing the Angora goat. There are also organic cotton, modal, other recycled materials which are famous for their comfortable wear and quality.

Choose clothing made of natural fibers and contribute to sustainable development, the protection of the planet and your well-being.
  1. Women's jacket Eva Trespass
    Price €59.97 Regular Price €99.95
  2. Seamless Leggings, women's leggings Lotuscraft
    Price €56.21 Regular Price €74.95
  3. Women's sports top prAna Everyday Bra
    Price €33.57 Regular Price €55.95
  4. Sports bra Tavi Noir, Tavi Bra
    Price €34.97 Regular Price €49.95

Coffee on the go, a water bottle and Gumbies flip flops – always at hand

These are our top 3 things we can't go on a hike without. What do you prefer to take with you?

At Yogaline we always choose accessories and brands that ensure clean, organic production and offer the highest quality and safety for use. We are aware that there is only one world and that even with small steps, we ourselves can contribute to keeping a clean planet and take care of our safety and health. With us, you can find a yoga mat made of rubber, which is not obtained from the endangered Amazon forest. MIZU bottle, which contributes to reducing the use of plastic and globally contributes to environmental protection (partner 1% for the planet). Meditation cushions, filled with rice husks or kapok wool, which brings you to yourself and calms you down.

Follow us and create with us. The world is your source, keep it pure!

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