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  1. Vaude Himalaya mountain gloves
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  2. Men’s T-shirt Trespass Graphic
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  3. Men's Lightweight Down Jacket Whitman Trespass
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  4. Men's down jacket Oskar Trespass
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  5. Stretch Zion short
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  7. Dojo climbing pants
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Men's clothing

Do you like comfortable and functional clothes? Then a relaxed style is close to you, which is useful both for sports activities and for work.

Do you know the the materials your clothes are made of? Are they manufactured according to ethical and environmentally friendly criteria?

Investment in sustainable clothing and accessories will pay off for both you and your nearby and wider – our environment. Sustainable products are the future and we are here for them. Check out our trusted brands. Put health and well-being first.

Choose comfortable, pleasant and safe clothes and accessories from natural, recycled or environmentally friendly materials. You will wear them not only for recreation and exercise, but every day - for work, wandering around the city, meeting friends.

Shorts, T-shirt

What should not be missing in a man's wardrobe?

The traditional T-shirt really cannot be done without. The most useful piece of men's wardrobe. For every occasion. Work, jogging, partying with friends or climbing adventures. For more demanding sports activities, a T-shirt made of innovative and functional materials - polyester, merino, elastane, water-repellent, quick-drying material.


Durable and elastic trousers will be needed for climbing and wall adventures, when the path to the right grip is a challenge. These will also be suitable for other adventures in nature. Velvet pants will keep you warm on colder days, which are soft and stretchy thanks to the added elastane.

If you are a yoga practitioner, let us trust you that yoga clothes are not just for women. We know that the right equipment makes the practice easier, so here you can find super tailored long yoga pants made of natural materials - hemp< /a> or cotton. For hot yoga or summer days, shorts are available.

Merino wool

For colder days, more intense sports activities, trips to the hills or trips, we recommend multifunctional clothing made from innovative materials and merino< /strong> wool, which is really exceptional. Merino wool is a natural insulator - it warms at lower temperatures and cools at higher temperatures. Ultra soft, durable, breathable, comfortable fabric that does not smell even after several days of wear. Socks, T-shirt, leggings, underwear - for sports activities or everyday.

Toe socks

For anyone who slips or gets cold in their feet during exercise on the mat, these socks are great on 5 fingers. These socks widen your feet to keep you firmly on the ground and provide a good grip in any position. They have silicone dots on the foot.

You can choose between different designs - with toes, no toes and leggings that will warm your legs before, during and after exercise. Excellent for hygienic, cleaner training in studios - without direct contact of the feet on surfaces - mats, equipment.

Jacket, down jacket

Jacket, down jacket, hoodie, technical fleece will protect you at lower temperatures or in windy and rainy weather. All tops are designed to be worn as sportswear or daywear. For protection before and after exercise, for a walk in the nearby forest, for wandering around the city. And let's not forget your head, protect yourself from the cold and wind with a warm cap or a cap with a visor.

We want you to feel comfortable in the clothes, that the feeling on the skin is pleasant, soft, that it does not cause unwanted reactions on the skin. That they serve you well. We want you to support the environment, to change the world for the better together with us. Because we believe in quality, in green production, we stand for fair pay for everyone involved - from material producers to production workers, because we care about the health of everyone and a clean environment .

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