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  1. ToeSox LoLo Sport five fingers socks
    Price €8.75 Regular Price €12.50
  2. Merino wool socks Mountaineering, line NATURE
    Price €25.56 Regular Price €31.95
  3. Men’s T-shirt Trespass Graphic
    Price €17.47 Regular Price €24.95
  4. Men's down jacket Oskar Trespass
    Price €44.98 Regular Price €89.95
  5. Men's Lightweight Down Jacket Whitman Trespass
    Price €77.97 Regular Price €119.95
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Men's clothes

Take a moment and think about what you currently have in your closet. Is it comfortable and functional clothing? Made of safe and comfortable materials? Thoughtful cuts? Is it made according to ethical and environmental criteria?

Investing in sustainable clothing and accessories will pay off for you as well as for your loved ones and beyond - for our environment. Sustainable products are the future and we are here for them. Take a look at our brands we trust. Put health and well-being at the first place. Choose comfortable and safe clothing and accessories made from natural, recycled or environmentally friendly materials. You will wear them not only for recreation and exercise, but every day - for work, walking around the city, meeting friends.

Without a traditional t-shirt it really doesn’t go. The most useful piece of men's clothing. For every occasion. For work, running, having fun with friends or climbing. Of course, for more demanding sports activities, more suitable is T-shirt made of innovative and functional materials - polyester, merino, elastane, water-repellent materials, quick-drying materials.

When rock climbing, when the road to the right grip is a real challenge, durable and elastic pants are desirable. These will be suitable for other adventures in nature. On colder days, you will be warmed by velvet pants that are soft and stretchy, due to the addition of elastane. Do you go to practice yoga or you do asanas at home? Yoga and leggings are not just for women. We know that the right equipment makes practice easier, so you can find super tailored long yoga pants made of natural materials - hemp or cotton. For hot yoga or summer days are available short pants.

For colder days, more intense sports activities, trips to the mountains or travels, we recommend multifunctional clothing made of innovative materials and merino wool, which is truly exceptional. Merino wool is a natural insulator - it warms at lower temperatures and cools at higher temperatures. Extremely soft, durable, comfortable fabric that does not absorb odors even after several days of wearing. Socks, T-shirts, leggings, underwear - for sports activities or every day.

Do you slip during your workouts on the mat - pilates, yoga, dance, ballet, or do you feel cold for your feet? Do you use a yoga mat in the studio? We have a solution - non-slip socks, with a patented non-slip silicone sole. They are specially designed to stay in ‘place’ even in demanding positions. Different shapes - with toes, without toes and leg warmers, which will warm your feet before, during and after exercise. Perfect for hygienically cleaner training in studios - without directly touching the feet on surfaces - mats, exercise machines.

Jacket, feather jacket, hooded sweatshirt, technical fleece will protect you at lower temperatures or in windy and rainy weather. All upper parts are designed so you can wear them as sports or daywear. For protection before and after exercise, for a walk in the nearby forest, for a walk in the city. Let's not forget the head, protect yourself from the cold and wind with a warm hat or a hat with a visor.

We want you to feel comfortable in your clothes, that the feeling on your skin is comfortable, soft, that it does not cause side effects on your skin. To serve you well. We want you to support the environment, to change the world for the better together with us. Because we believe in quality, green production, we are committed to fair payment to everyone involved in the process - from material manufacturers to production workers, because we care about everyone's health and a clean environment.

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