Blankets, Peshtemal, eye pads

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Blankets, bedspreads, eye pads

Eye pads

Natural pads are filled with organic fillers: husks, lavender flowers. The relaxing scent lulls you into peaceful sleep or deep relaxation after a busy day. Soothes tired eyes and with its scent it affects the release of mental and physical tension.

Indispensable equipment for relaxation during yoga, meditation, before sleep, for traveling and when using mobile phones, computers for tired eyes.

Blankets for meditation

Blanket will be a blanket for meditation and relaxation. Fold it up, roll it up and you have a great pillow for your head or support in positions. Indispensable in the yoga studio, at home, on a picnic and on the go. Very soft, comfortable, gentle on the skin, but at the same time very durable.

Pastemalka / Turkish towel

Turkish towel, pashtemalka blanket is super useful as a towel for exercise, as a meditation scarf or as an ordinary scarf for every day, a towel for a salary, a boy's picnic,...

Peštemalka are not classic terry towels, although they are just as absorbent. Peštemalka is a towel that has been used in Turkey for the hamam (Turkish sauna, spa) or as a cover for a bed or sofa for centuries. They are woven very tightly, densely, so they are extremely strong and durable. They have stylish handmade tassels that make them look more elegant and traditional at the same time. Because peshtemalkas are woven "straight", they are light and take up very little space, making them the perfect companion on our travels. They are ideal for our next holiday, you can roll them up and they are perfectly packed, they don't wrinkle and really take up very little space.

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