Meditation Incense & Mala Necklaces

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Incense for meditation

Palo santo

Palo Santo or sacred wood. 100% natural aromatic wood, rich in resin and a wonderful sweet smell, which has been used for centuries to clean rooms, in meditation, spiritual rituals, against ghosts and to remove bad energy.

Use meditative incense to achieve energy: palo santo, juniper, cedar, white sage collected with respect for nature, the environment and working conditions for all people involved in the chain.

Meditation incenses open the way to fresh energy. Energy will flow more freely, you will expel negative energy from the premises and make a free way for positive energy.

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What is mala?

Mala necklaces can be made of wooden beads, seeds, semi-precious or precious stones or gems. The mala consists of 108 beads. The number 108 is a sacred number in many cultures, especially in the Hindu tradition. The number comes from multiplying the 12 "astrological houses" by the 9 planets. Each mala also has a Guru bead or tassel to remind us of the teachers in our lives.

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