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  1. Ulla Hydration Reminder
    Price €19.90
  2. Thermo cup Mizu V5 Cofee lid
    Price €31.96 Regular Price €39.95
  3. Mizu V8 insulated Stainless Steel Bottle, 750 ml
    Price €34.36 Regular Price €42.95
  4. Mizu S6 vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle 610 ml
    Price €30.36 Regular Price €37.95
  5. Mizu D7 Insulated Bottle, 640 ml
    Price €24.98 Regular Price €49.95
  6. Mizu M8 bottle 800 ml
    Price €19.16 Regular Price €23.95
  7. Mizu lid Sport Cup
    Price €4.76 Regular Price €5.95
  8. Joco takeaway cup boral glass 340ml
    Price €22.41 Regular Price €24.90
  9. Joco takeaway cup 454ml
    Price €24.21 Regular Price €26.90
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Vacuum insulated bottles, flasks

Various volumes, shapes and colors. Surely everyone will find their favorite thermal jacket.

  • Series M offers us "single wall" pots - light, durable pots. The S series with thermal cut-outs, which are famous for their finished, minimalist shape, and excellent insulating properties - less is more! The best-selling sta M8 (800 ml) and M5 (530 ml). In Water pitcher with cap M9 820 ml for use with a filter.
  • Series S is slim and elegant. Thermocuts S6 (610 ml) in S4 (415 ml) in addition to exceptional insulating properties, they offer the most beautiful design. Simple, in great colors, for her and for her!
  • Series V offers us thermocutters V8 (750 ml) in V6 (570 ml) in an all-steel version - the lid is also entirely made of kitchen steel and some other models have a wider opening, which makes it easy for smaller jugs to also serve as food containers . The largest V20 has a volume for 6 smaller beers and is popular at summer picnics.

You can easily change the covers for wide-necked boots. You can easily have a lid on a straw, which is also compatible with a water filter. The steel lid turns out to be great, for those who need a thermos with a larger volume, but for those who use the thermos as a container for food. For smaller thermoses, a "coffee" cover is handy, and with it we get a pot for the pot.

Small steps are the ones that count. And each of us can contribute to a cleaner environment. Check how you can contribute every day!

Cups, Takeaway cups, Tumbler, Straw, Cutlery

At Mizu, there is a big increase in the use of cups. Tumblers are a must-have for everyone who can't live without coffee on the go (have you ever thought about how many gas station coffee pots you've used), who can't start your mornings without a smoothie drink. Wine cup with a volume of 500 ml is the most fantastic wine glass in the camp - the taste of wine as wine deserves, shape which fits the hand and which is perfect for the eyes. Every morning, the wine cup is poured into a trendy cereal pot.

Camp cup with pots with handle and lid, with thermal insulation and great for coffee, tea, cocoa. The simple shape and perfect functionality have convinced many travelers and camping enthusiasts. In this line, we must not forget the Paty cup - simple steel pots, great prices . Most often seen printed with the logos of recognized brands and festivals. What is a better souvenir from a festival or party than a quality pot, which we will use for years and years, at the same time drinking the right drink with the right taste and reminiscing about good times with friends.

Mizu reusable products

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