Hammock for two people Double Deluxe

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Hammock for two people Double Deluxe Grand Trunk will offer you pleasures on the go and in the home garden. Big and comfortable! Supplied carabiner and sewn slings for quick and easy attachment to the tree, pillar.

Hammock for two people Double Deluxe Grand Trunk will offer you pleasures on the go and in the home garden. Big and comfortable! Supplied carabiner and sewn slings for quick and easy attachment to the tree, pillar,…

The sewn slings are wide so they don't damage the tree trunk and each have 10 levels of height adjustment. 

Hammock for 2 people Double Deluxe Grand Trunk

  • comfort and enjoyment on the go or in the home garden
  • extremely soft and pleasant fabric
  • fast-drying fabric
  • the fabric breathes perfectly and you will not sweat in the hammock despite the hot weather
  • two carabiners for fastening included
  • included two sewn slings for fastening around the tree (sewn slings are wide and friendly to tree trunks)
  • each sewn sling has 10 levels to adjust the height of the hammock
  • included storage bag
  • lifetime warranty
  • material: 210T 70D nylon
  • extremely small volume of folded hammock (length 17 cm / diameter 14 cm)
  • dimension of open hammock: 320 cm x 200 cm
  • material: 210T 70D nylon
  • high load capacity: 181 kg
  • weight: 790 g

Cleaning and maintenance of the hammock

The hammock can be washed by hand. Always in cold or lukewarm water add a little mild detergent. Manually wash the stains (do not use brushes). Squeeze.

Re-soak the hammock in clean water, rinse the detergent and hang the hammock on a clothesline and pat dry. The Grand Trunk hammock can also be machine washed.

Use a delicate laundry program. Do not use a centrifuge. Use a mild detergent. Do not use fabric softeners, bleach or other aggressive agents. Wash the hammock separately from other clothing.

Remove the carabiner before washing. Dry on clothesline. The hammock will dry in less than 30 minutes. Do not use a tumble dryer.

Now go outside again and soil your hammock;)!

Warnings to use a hammock

Using a hammock can pose a risk of falling. Be careful and cautious when installing a hammock. We recommend that you do not install it very high, up to 45 cm from the floor, but at the same time high enough that the hammock will not touch the ground under your weight (this will prevent damage to your spine and damage to the hammock). Always check before use that your hammock is not torn, that it has no holes or other damage. Check that the fastening straps are in good condition and that they are installed correctly. 

We recommend that you do not expose the hammock to the sun for too long. Avoid contact of the hammock with sharp objects (knives, scissors, ..), hot objects (grill, cigarettes, ...).

We recommend that you are in a hammock without shoes, as certain footwear can have a rather sharp sole, sharp rivets,... Clean the floor under the hammock so that there will be no sharp rocks, stones, thorns, sharp branches,... In your hammock sit down, lie down slowly and carefully. Make sure you have both hands free so you can keep your balance. Also, when you step out of it. Watch out for your pets - their teeth and claws can damage the fabric. Do not allow children to use the hammock without the supervision of the elderly!

Viseče mreže Grand Trunk

Lifetime hammock warranty

Grand Trunk equipment knows no bounds, but because some of you find it hard to believe, Grand Trunk has "pledged" its lifetime guarantee for you! Grand Trunk will free of charge replace any manufacturing defects on the product with a new product, upon proof of purchase (invoice).

A manufacturing defect exists if the product deviates from the planned design. Defective materials (zippers, buckles, fabrics, etc.), (seams, construction, etc.). All of this is covered in the Grand Trunk product lifetime warranty. The term "Lifetime warranty" refers to the life of the product. Unfortunately, this does not mean your lifespan or ours, but the lifespan of the components, fabrics and materials. While Grand Trunk selects the best materials available to make the products as durable as possible, all materials degrade over time through use and exposure to the environment.

The lifespan of a product, however, depends on the use and how well you take care of the product. And not by how old the product is.

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  1. Kvaliteten material
    Zelo kvaliteten material in vrhunske vrvi za privez
  2. Amazing for camping
    Love the net - just amazing for camping.
  3. Great hammock - strong and lightweight!
    Grand Trunk is the way to go if you are thinking about Hammocking! ENO, Bliss, Hennessy, and others are all great brands and will probably be worth your money. However, Grand Trunk is one of the best in my opinion! I bought a Grand Trunk double because it's durable and very comfortable.

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