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Tavi Noir clothes for yoga, non-slip socks

Tavi Noir is a Toesox brand. Toesox is recognized worldwide for its non-slip toe socks. Since some people do not want to wear socks on their toes, the company developed the Tavi Noir brand. Non-slip socks with the same unique patented sole as Toesox, except that they have the shape of classic socks and the toes are not separated.

Both Tavi Noir and Toesox are socks made of premium and organic materials. Their non-slip socks are the first choice for all "barefoot sports" (yoga, pilates, dance, martial arts...).


Tavi Noir is a specialist in non-slip socks, which have silicone triangles on the sole, providing stability and grip on all types of surfaces. They are suitable for exercises such as: barre, yoga, pilates. In addition to these, they also offer sports socks and everyday socks.

Tavi Noir socks offer high utility, precise and quality grip, fashionable design and comfort. In production, they use only certified 'combed' cotton (the softest), organic yarn and take care of the least possible negative impact on nature.

Non-slip socks

Non-slip socks for yoga and other barefoot sports have silicone triangles on the sole and provide stability and grip on all types of surfaces. Tavi Noir also offers premium sports socks that are used in combination with sneakers. The socks "stay" on the leg and do not slide. Therefore, they do not cause blisters.

The material of the socks is organic cotton with the addition of elastane. So the feeling in the socks is pleasant, natural, the foot can breathe. With selected, certified organic cotton, they ensure the least possible negative impact on nature. "It doesn't matter where or how we sweat. A pair of grippy, non-slip socks is always with us – because we never know when we'll find the next amazing workout we'll love.”

Tavi Noir has also ventured into the field of clothing. Their team expanded, they gained many experts in the production of sportswear in their ranks. So they made beautiful leggings, sports bras, t-shirts, sweaters, jogger pants... The cuts of the clothes allow unhindered movement. The materials are top quality and organic.

Material Modal

One of the main materials for clothing is Modal. It is basically beech wood (cellulose). This wood is not cultivated. Beech trees are something special, because by their "rejuvenation" they ensure that the forest is renewed, so artificial planting is not necessary. Beech trees are a completely natural and sustainable source of raw materials. The production of this material is just as special as the material itself. Environmental standards in production are extremely high.

Tavi Noir clothing enhances femininity in all its forms. They create beautiful, innovative, versatile clothing for all active women. The perfect fit for just about every "body"!

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