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Escobar a roaster of premium coffee

Escobar, a coffee roaster of top quality coffee, comes from Vrhnika (Slovenia). It is the first micro coffee roaster in Slovenia. They roast top coffees from the Specialty Coffees segment. They offer selected, high-quality coffees from different parts of the world from the segment of specialized coffees (Single Origin Coffees), which they deliver according to the ripening season. Therefore, the supply of coffee is always changing.

Coffee is imported from smaller farms and therefore the connectivity of people throughout the chain is crucial. This makes the coffee journey from the plantation to the end customer short and fast. Trust in local coffee plantations and small farmers is key to choosing the highest quality ingredients. At the same time, quality control is more direct and controlled.

Of course, seasonal freshness is also important for coffee, which greatly affects the quality of coffee in the cup.

Roasting coffee

Roasting coffee is a special process. It takes knowledge and a sense of extracting from a single coffee bean the ideal relationship between aroma and taste. The balance of aromas and flavors of chocolate, citrus, almonds, hazelnuts... The flavors show up on the first roasting. From then on, patience, care and knowledge are needed for coffee to get the right amount of texture and sweetness. If we roast it for too long, the coffee gets bitter or some other undesirable taste.

In Escobar, coffee is roasted in small quantities every day. Depending on demand. Each order is continuously "roasted" and packed. So coffee is always fresh and full of smell and taste.

That is why every coffee from the Escobar roaster is a special coffee.
Escobar raises coffee to the level of gourmet delights!

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