Organic cotton? The truth?

Organic Cotton? What is the cotton, if not organic? We can believe the stories about the natural production? Questions are in place, but we can find the answers.

Naturally, each organic cotton, but when we talk about Organic Cotton , then it is a phrase that can not be taken literally. We might have been better translation organic cotton . But "organic" has gripped and it is clear what we are talking about: it is naturally grown cotton without pesticides and herbicides, without monocultures without genetically modified seeds to reduce water consumption. Instead of synthetic use biological fertilizers, irrigation systems instead of only natural rainfall and water resources. Too good to be true? Another marketing campaign? As with any similar things! Are examples of good and bad practice. The fact is that there exist independent institutions which look over the use and misuse of the term and content. And the fact is that there is plenty of information on all of this, each farmer must figure out the truth, that she wants, and believe.

And the buyer shirt? Get anything except the feeling that he is aware of environmental issues in the production of clothing? You might even do something for the environment? Absolutely. Organic cotton is pleasant to the touch, the strongest and does not cause allergies. At least two good feeling .

If the organic cotton alternative to conventional cotton production, then it can be considered as an alternative - hemp. Some are already toying with the idea of ​​cotton in the future may replace industrial hemp. Production of this hitherto discriminated plant is very grateful for the environment: it is drought resistant, can grow under very different conditions, not dependent on irrigation, pesticides and herbicides ... In short, the negative impact even in the case of mass production is minimal. They are also clothes made from hemp very pleasant to the touch, lightweight, breathable and cool. An excellent choice for the warmer part of the year.

And when we talk about the whole process healthy raw material - pure production - minimal packaging - fair trade , then we can not overlook the fact that some of the trade hand in things from the beginning, from the idea and the first steps onwards. Pran is undoubtedly one of these pioneers.
(Author: Happiness Rehberger)