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  1. ReYoga ReRug yoga rug
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  2. Grippy Boo travel yoga mat / yoga towel 2mm
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  3. Remat Element Ride yoga mat 1.5mm (185cm)
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Travel yoga mats

Are you traveling a lot? Yoga is an ideal exercise for travel. You can practice it anywhere - in a hotel room, on the beach, in the woods. Do you want to maintain your yoga practice and take care of yourself even when you are not at home?

Choose a yoga mat for travel and let the adventure begin. Lightweight, practical, multi-purpose, for all conditions and durable. Also for a picnic or a holiday in the park. It bends slightly like a towel. It is also useful as an extra mat over the lower mat - for greater comfort or hygiene. 

Tips to help you choose a travel yoga mat

A yoga mat designed for travel should be lightweight, compact, and easy to carry. Here are some tips to help you choose a travel yoga mat:

  • Thickness: Choose a mat that is thin and lightweight. A thickness of 1,5mm to 3,5mm is ideal for travel mats.
  • Material: Look for mats made of natural or eco-friendly materials like rubber, cork. These materials are durable, non-slip, and easy to clean.
  • Size: The standard size for yoga mats is 176cm long and 60 cm wide. However, for travel, you might want to consider a smaller mat that.
  • Portability: Look for a mat that can be easily rolled up or folded and stored in a small space. Some travel mats come with a carrying strap or bag to make it easy to transport.
  • Non-Slip: Choose a mat that has good traction and grip, so you can practice safely even on slippery surfaces.
  • Price: Travel yoga mats are generally less expensive than regular mats, but prices can vary depending on the material, thickness, and brand.

Yoga towels

Yoga towels are used as a yoga mat cover or stand-alone yoga mat. They absorb well, dry quickly, take up little volume, and are lightweight and made from recycled materials. With them you ensure superior hygiene in yoga practice. Also useful as travel towels.

They are made from recycled materials. Easy to maintain. They are especially suitable for bikram yoga (hot yoga).

Yoga towels

ReYoga - Yoga Mats & Accessories & Clothing

ReYoga comes from neighboring Italy. Their focus is to make a quality sustainable product. The product, which will be tailored to the user and will boast a beautiful design, will be made of quality materials and will be made in a clean process towards the environment and striving to preserve natural resources.

v čistem procesu do okolja in k strmenju k ohranjanju naravnih virov.

Reyoga banner

Brand ReYoga

Of course, all this is nothing new! Nothing special lately. Such desires, goals, and even practice have most companies, especially in the field of yoga. After all, we have been spreading such a story about prAna since the mid-1990s.

Is ReYoga better than other globally established yoga brands? No! Not better! And no, it's not worse. It is one of them! One of the great yoga brands.

Is it different? Of course. Every brand has its own “spirit”. Also ReYoga. We felt something special about this brand. Something good, something fine, clean, quality, affordable. That's why we "grabbed" it!

Reinvent - ReCycle - ReYoga

That's how we started. Right at the beginning of 2017! And we still have a veeery long way to go together.

More about ReYoga

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