Yoga mats - Why so many versions?

Available to us a lot of different styles / yoga. Thus Prana offers a wide selection of liners for different styles of yoga and thus facilitates and optimizes training. Pads are different from each other depending on povšino, thickness, materials from which they are made ...

Construction of yoga mats - How is made yoga mat

The method of manufacture yoga mats, depending on how the layers are adhered to each other/related, is one of the major determinants of the quality and durability of yoga cushions. When Prana yoga mats are layers to each other hardened by heat treatment and bonded. And it is precisely this complexity, the process of joining, of course, the quality of the materials of each individual layer, make prAnine pads almost indestructible and so very optimal for training.

Prana yoga mat - the composition of yoga mats

Width yoga mats

It is important for two reasons; depending on the style of yoga we decide to average width of pads (61 cm) or wider, more comfortable yoga mat (76 cm). Width yoga cushion the impact, of course, on the weight of the lining.

Core yoga mats

The middle layer of prana yoga cushions is a thin layer of cotton, which prevents the bag stretched or gubala under your feet, hands ...


Most prAninih yoga airbag is useful for practice on both sides, which greatly increases the service life thereof. And this despite the various rough surfaces.


Yoga mats are composed of several layers. External materials at Prana used natural rubber and TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer). For the inner layer commonly used cotton, but sometimes the core of natural rubber. These materials provide outstanding durability, long life and comfortable workout.