JOCO takeaway glass cup

Another story from the hot Australian ! After two years of hard work, research, great ideas and much more is in the 2012 came on the market first glass & ldquo; & rdquo takeaway; JOCO crucible !

JOCO philosophy is simple: sustainability , taste and Style . Glass lasts longer, it does not affect the taste and always looks best. This is a thoughtful and imaginative manufactured crucible with environmental concerns. Experience the luxury of wherever you are!

Every year in the world consume more than 500 billion cups for single-use paper, Styrofoam, a variety of different plastic ... It is worrying that this number is growing rapidly every year.
  To produce such cups consumed natural resources, CO2 emissions are huge, where the only problem waste after use.

Despite the small size and nepomenbnosti such a small cup disposable zelooo contributes to environmental pollution! Are you aware of that at all?

Joco believe that it is time to redeem nature and even what her refund. Thus, the use of Joco crucible is a big step towards reducing waste. Even the packaging is environmentally clean. You also give you user / user of an extremely beautiful, modern crucible. That the taste of coffee or tea do not even speak. Drinking liquid from a glass jar is something completely different than in plastic, paper ....

Nature will thank you if you change their habits and become user / user of Joco cup!
  So - become a proud user / user of Joco cup! And taste a good coffee or tea, and not your cup !!

And you do not think that Joco pots only for tea and coffee. Natural juice or smootie will be in Joco pot kept the taste and smell! Cleaning is easy and the cup will stay clean (of course they do not absorb odors and will not stain).

Joco cups are made from high quality , nonporous , borosilikonastega * (Boral) glass . They are l ahki and very odportni to extreme temperature fluctuations . Thus, the use of the microwave or dishwasher completely safe . Cups are also completely & ldquo; clean & rdquo; in terms of various chemical substances / impurities ( BPA-free , lead , cadmium , ...).

* Borosilikonasto or glass Boral or Jena, is highly resistant to chemicals and temperature changes! Therefore, it is mainly used for the manufacture of laboratory glassware and kitchenware.

When Joco pots all made very carefully! & Ldquo; It & rsquo; s All In The Details & rdquo;

  • Rubber wrap around the cup ensures that the content remains appropriate temperature. At the same time allows the & ldquo; cold & rdquo; grip that you do not burn! This detail is taken care of even the great appearance and protect the glass from impacts when / if you drop it.
  • Rubber cap to make you content is not spilled during the journey through the city, in the car, on the train ... is designed to make you a drink does not crash with the nose in the cap.
  • Joco cup sizes to fit the coffee machine and so can your Joco crucible filled in every coffee shop or any place serving coffee to each other & ldquo; takeaway coffee & rdquo; or coffee & ldquo; to go & rdquo;.
  • Do you believe that the shape of Joco cup compatible with the bottle cage on your bike ! So for all those who in the morning drvite bike through the city at your office or in training.

What kind of coffee you like to drink?