Ayurvedic herbal tea Vata Bio

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Ayurvedic herbal tea Vata Bio helps to establish harmony and balance the mutual influence of these two elements ether and air.

Ayurvedic Vata Bio tea is intended for people with a dominant Vata dosha. Selected organic herbs and spices will help to balance the Vata dosha. Otherwise, most of us are a combination of several doshas, ​​but usually one is dominant, and this determines our body type and temperament.

In Vata dosha, the dominant elements are ether and air. Therefore, our tea helps to establish harmony and balance the mutual influence of these two elements.

Ayurvedic herbal tea Vata Bio Zisha

Herbal tea ingredients

  • cinnamon BIO
  • fennel BIO
  • licorice BIO
  • orange peel BIO
  • ginger BIO
  • cardamom BIO

Vata tea is formulated to help restless people relax! It contributes to peace of mind and helps if you have worries. This is a tea that will keep you warm.

How to make tea?

To prepare one cup of tea (3 dcl) you need approximately one to two teaspoons (5-6 g) of Ayurveda VATA BIO herbal tea. Pour boiling water (90-100 C) over the tea and let it stand for 5-10 minutes.

A Vata dosha person is responsible for all movements in the body and mind. For all functions related to movement, blood circulation, breathing, sensory perception... Vata people need warmth. They like warm food, slightly spicy, warming spices, they don't like raw food....

According to the constitution, a Vata dosha person has a thin build, they often have dry skin and hair, brittle nails. Their thoughts are fast and change quickly, and so are their emotions. Vata people are creative, flexible, have many ideas, do several things at the same time, but often do not see things through to the end.

In Ayurvedic philosophy, the entire universe consists of 5 elements: earth, water, fire, air and ether. Each of these five elements forms three energy types that are present in all of us. PITTA, VATA and KAPHA are these energy types, we call them doshas.

Teas Zisha

The Zisha tea house offers more than 300 high-quality and different types of tea and a range of other tea accessories. They have become a recognized brand for teas of the highest class.

For the perfect combination, we recommend the Palo Santo stick. 100% natural aromatic wood, rich in resin and wonderful sweet smell.

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