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Natural cork yoga mat 5.5 mm Yoga Design Lab

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A thicker yoga mat made of natural cork for everyone who loves their yoga practice and Earth. Made of completely natural materials, cork + natural rubber. This time in a thickness of 5.5 mm, for greater comfort, but still a compact surface.

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A thicker yoga mat made of natural cork for everyone who loves their yoga practice and Earth. Made of completely natural materials, cork + natural rubber. It offers excellent grip if you have sweaty palms and feet (otherwise just spray it lightly with a water spray).

Pleasant to the touch, odorless and completely durable. This time in a thickness of 5.5 mm, for greater comfort, but still a compact surface.

Yoga mat made of natural cork 5.5 mm Yoga Design Lab

  • suitable for all demanding yogis as well as for beginners
  • excellent grip in a humid environment or for those who sweat more
  • with dry palms and feet you achieve excellent grip by lightly spraying the mat with water
  • a thickness of 5.5 mm offers plenty of comfort and the density of the rubber provides stability
  • mandala print is water-based and does not contain toxic substances
  • mandala print helps us in alignment in the asanas
  • cork does not cause allergies, it is a natural antibacterial "product"
  • material: 100% natural cork from Portugal + natural rubber from Vietnam
  • dimensions: 178 cm x 61 cm x 5.5 mm
  • weight: 2 kg
Mat carrying strap included!

Cork yoga mat

The cork yoga mat is truly Eco Friendly. In order to obtain cork, the oak tree does not need to be cut down, only the surface layer of the bark is cut off from the tree. This layer is renewed in 15-20 years. Farmers in Portugal who produce cork take good care of oak trees, nurture them and allow them to grow unhindered because it is their income and they strive for the highest quality cork.

Cork does not cause allergies, it is a natural antibacterial "product". It contains the substance suberin (waxy substance), which makes it resistant to fire and water. Cork is a supernatural insulator.

How to maintenance cork yoga mat

Cork is a very durable material. Therefore, your yoga mat will last a very long time with minimal care and maintenance.

It is important to always bend it from the outside outwards (so that the cork is on the outside) - this way you prevent the cork from breaking and prevent the yoga mat from bending.

Do not expose the mat to direct sunlight, do not leave it in a hot and dry place, do not leave it in the car in the sun (this applies to all yoga mats).

After practicing yoga, when the yoga mat is wet and damp from sweat or water, be sure to dry the mat before bending. Spread the mat on the floor or hang it to dry completely, only then bend it.

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Cleaning yoga mat from cork

Cork is a natural material and has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. In case of very frequent use, regular cleaning (once a week) is recommended. Clean the mat with cold water and a gentle, non-aggressive detergent. Then you need to dry it well.

The cork may darken in some parts, or the mat may get darker stains. It is quite possible that such dark stains will not be able to be removed. This is completely natural because our skin by sweating on the surface releases various substances that can stain the natural material. Creams and oils, lotions used on the skin, can also cause the mat to change color. But the function of the mat remains unchanged!

If our yoga cork mat is really dirty, you can immerse it for a while in cold water to which we have added a gentle, non-aggressive detergent and lightly wash it with a gentle sponge or cloth. Then wash the mat thoroughly and dry it well.

Learn more about cleaning yoga mats

Yoga Design Lab

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BrandYoga Design Lab
Weight (kg)3.000000
Thicknessfrom 5 to 6 mm
Lenght178 cm - 185 cm
StructureClosed cell

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