Travel yoga mat Jade Yoga Travel LONG 3mm (188cm)

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The Jade Yoga Travel Longer Travel Yoga Mat is great for anyone who is on the go a lot. It offers exceptional grip and can be folded down to a small volume so that it can easily fit into your luggage.

The Jade Yoga Travel Longer Travel Yoga Mat is great for anyone who is on the go a lot. It offers exceptional grip and can be folded down to a small volume so that it can easily fit into your luggage.

Travel yoga mat Jade Yoga Travel LONG 3mm (188cm)

  • for all yoga practices - from the most demanding to the easier ones
  • for extremely dynamic yoga practices the mat may take less time, so for dynamic practices we recommend the Elite S, which is extremely popular among Ashtanga yogis
  • 3mm thickness is quite a lot for a travel yoga mat and therefore quite comfortable
  • excellent grip
  • excellent stability in all positions
  • a slightly longer version of the classic Travel Jade mat, for those of slightly taller stature
  • double sided (we can practice on either side)
  • the structure is open-celled
  • does not contain: PVC, EVA or other synthetic rubbers
  • material: 100% natural rubber / rubber
  • dimensions: 188 x 61 cm
  • thickness: 3 mm
  • weight: 7 kg
  • made in the USA

Nature's Best Yoga Mat

Instructions for cleaning the Jade yoga mat

Once a week, wipe your mat with a damp cloth (water only!). If you exercise intensely, do this after each use. If the mat needs more intensive cleaning, we recommend using Jade cleaner for cleaning mats. The cleaner is plant-based and specially designed for natural rubber yoga mats.

DO NOT use Jade mats outside. Do not leave them to dry outside. Sun, UV light can damage natural rubber. NEVER use alcohol, essential oils, soap, vinegar, detergents or other cleaning agents on the Jade mat. NEVER wash the mat in the washing machine. NEVER tumble dry it.


The smell of natural rubber / the smell of rubber

JadeYoga mats are made of natural rubber. This one has a distinctive smell. The smell is completely harmless and disappears over time. Air the Jade yoga mat regularly to speed up the odor neutralization process. However, a certain rubber smell will remain. Usually, each person perceives this smell differently. In general, odor is not a manufacturing defect or a defect in the product. Therefore, it is not covered by the warranty.


Latex and Jade yoga mat

Although Jade Yoga mats are 99% latex-free, as they are made of natural rubber, there may be traces of latex protein in the mats, so we recommend that people with latex allergies avoid contact with Jade mats.

In cooperation with the organization Trees for the future, they plant 1 new tree for every mat sold. The organization's mission is to improve the livelihood of impoverished farmers by revitalizing degraded land.

Trees for the Future (TREES) currently works with thousands of farming families in nine countries in sub-Saharan Africa. In more than 30 years of history, they have worked all over the world. In 2014, they focused their work on selected African countries where climate and economic challenges were the most pressing and where they could have the greatest impact.

Decades of unsustainable agricultural practices have caused the land to become degraded and unproductive. Farming families unable to produce and sell enough to meet their most basic needs were pushed to the brink of survival. Using a forest garden approach in semi-arid countries like Senegal, they have proven that agroforestry is a solution to each of these challenges, effectively eradicating hunger and poverty while restoring the land and environment.


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More Information
Weight (kg)1.700000
Thicknessfrom 3 to 5 mm
Lenght189 cm - 215 cm
StructureOpen cell

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Ratings & Reviews

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